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Duration: 3 Days
Time: 11 AM to 6 PM
Included Microblading Startup Kit
KHDA Dubai training certificate upon completion
International Microblading certificate upon completion
Lifetime Support from our team

  • 1st day :  Theory class
    - Introduction to Lash Lifting: An overview of the history, purpose, and benefits of lash lifting.
    - Anatomy and Physiology of the Eyelashes: Understanding the structure and function of the eyelashes, including the hair follicle, lash line, and lash growth cycle.
    - Sanitation and Sterilization: The importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment, including proper use of disinfectants and sanitary practices.
    - Client Consultation: Techniques for assessing a client's needs and determining the best lash lifting technique for their individual lashes.
    - Product Knowledge: An in-depth understanding of the products and tools used in lash lifting, including adhesive, silicone rods, and lifting solutions.
    - Business Responsibilities
    - Safety  Precaution (how to sanitize working area, use only disposable parts .
    - Special instruction for Technician how to avoid contaminate area.
    - Medical history of Client.
    - After care.

  • 2nd day :  Practice class
    - Procedure Preparation: Step-by-step instructions for preparing the client and setting up the work area.
    - Lash Lifting Techniques: Demonstrations and hands-on practice of different lash lifting techniques, including basic, advanced, and hybrid methods.
    - Aftercare and Maintenance: Recommendations for post-procedure care, including tips for maintaining the lift and preventing damage to the lashes.
    - Troubleshooting and Problem Solving: Strategies for addressing common challenges and complications that may arise during a lash lifting treatment.
    - Business and Marketing: Guidance on building and promoting a successful lash lifting business, including tips for attracting and retaining clients, pricing, and marketing strategies.

  • 3rd  : live Demo Class 
    - Safety and Proper preparation for working area.
    - Question Form to be sign
    - Additional Health information
    - Picture of model face before procedure
    - Proper measurement of eyebrow, lips or eyeliner.
    - Proper way not to lose your guideline
    - Proper application of numbing
    - Proper color selection
    - Proper Needle selection and Machine preparation
    - Proper color implantation
    - Picture of model face after procedure.
    - Aftercare
    - Student should follow all the steps
    - Proper hand position and pressure
    - Guide the student to avoid mistake
    - How to solve mistake
    - Color correction and camouflaging
    - Final examination
    - Certificate issued upon successful completion of exams.



After the course, you can start a career as:

  • Skin & beauty therapist at clinics & salons

  • Brand ambassador

  • Beauty & spa supervisor / manager

  • Skin dermatology and doctor assistant (Master required)

  • Brand trainer



We offer continuous developments within skin and beauty therapy.
At Alondra , you will find the following award courses.

Award and certificate in Aesthetic courses for example:

  • Master Skin Certificate

  • Doctor Assistant Award

  • Award in Skin Analyze and Diagnosis

  • Award in Management




Skin therapy is growing rapidly and employers within the spa, beauty, and medical facilities are constantly in need of certified beauty & skin therapists. As an academy, we are in collaboration with clinics and spa´s across UAE , Egypt , KSA , BAHRAIN and  Netherlands with the aim to connect you with current employers to find a job right after your graduation.

The level of standard we provide along with the experience you receive in our showroom where you will be practicing on real live models with different skin types and conditions as well as practicing manager responsibilities, retail, and sales will give you the confidence to work in a professional environment immediately after graduation.

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