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About Alondra Academy


Alondra Beauty trends coupled with a blend of Aesthetic and dermatology procedures as well as distinctive courses which has been designed by Alondra International academy for elegant Men and women, at all works of life from medical & aesthetic working professionals, entrepreneurs in beauty industry, undergraduates, graduates, salon and spa managers, Beauticians, therapists, and even housewives. We are excellent in services as well as grooming beauty therapist and artists” Your beauty ordeal can extensively change from simple to uniquely the best with Alondra”.


Our services in the clinic coupled with the courses at Alondra Academy will promote knowledge with great prestige that also help trainees/clients in not only improving their job or business chances but in providing substantial learning a skills and also grooming their beauty outlook

 personalities and upgrading their standards in the beauty and fashion world.


Alondra's International Academy, in keeping with our philosophy, believes in building long-term careers by assisting applicants in becoming confident as real beauty professionals.  We groom re known artist from beauty and aesthetics followers to the most successful masters




We are a brand with the most exquisite products, beauty therapy and semipermanent make up services in our clinic with also a great institute that impact knowledge to artist and groom the world best aestheticians.

 Is it Necessary to be licensed? Yes

Government agencies in the GCC nations, the UNC, and Egypt have recognized Alondra International Academy's certifications, which qualifies you and assists you in passing the applicable institutions' tests to earn the requisite practical certificates to be a registered beauty therapist in your country. Like (SCFHS in KSA - NHRA in Bahrain - MOPH in Qatar - DHA in Dubai)  as well as other international bodies such as  CIBTAC  and other international licensing bodies.

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