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the device works extremely fast , with extreme precision. To make sure that your results are easy to control and quickly done.  Our Machin has built in battery to give you flexibility while doing the treatments .   The machine also has a speed display where

you may choose between different modes of your work ( for every specific treatments such as Nanoblading – Microshading – Microneedling – Eyeliner – Lip Coloring ).

This model may be the right choice for you if you have a professional background in

permanent make-up or just started your career and want high quality with perfect results.

Alondra Academy PMU Machine 5 in 1

SKU: 0004
$600.00 Regular Price
$460.00Sale Price
  • Power Supply Output (max.12V,300NPS)

    Power Supply input  (100-240V)

    PEN Speed (max.10000 RPM)

    PEN Input (max. 12v)

    Frequency (60Hz)

    Drive (Precision DC motor)

    Protecting class (Protection small voltage)

    Operating mode  (Continuous operation)

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