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Microblading - Shading - Pixel

Duration : 3Days 8 hours Per Day

1st day : Theory class

2nd day : Practice class

3rd : live Demo Class

Duration : 3Days 8 hours Per Day

• 1st day : Theory class

- Anatomy of the skin

- Explanation of Colors and Colors selection

- Different type of skin color and under skin tone, choosing the pigments for

- Business Responsibilities - Safety Precaution (how to sanitize working area, use only disposable parts, - Special instruction for Technician how to avoid contaminate area. - Medical history of Client. - After care.

• 2nd day : Practice class

- Face proportion - How to do Measurement of Eyebrow - Explanation of Colors and Colors selection, how to use color wheel - Proper Hand position to avoid color migration - Different Technique of shading, proper application of strokes and proper Implantation of color - Proper usage of Instant Numb - Practicing on Silicon skin

• 3rd : live Demo Class

- Safety and Proper preparation for working area.

- Question Form to be sign

- Additional Health information

- Picture of model face before procedure

- Proper measurement of eyebrow

- Proper way not to lose your guideline

- Proper application of numbing

- Proper color selection

- Proper Needle/ blade selection and Machine preparation

- Proper color implantation - Picture of model face after procedure.

- Aftercare

- Student should follow all the steps

- Proper hand position and pressure

- Guide the student to avoid mistake

- How to solve mistake

- Color correction and camouflaging

- Final examination

- Certificate issued upon successful completion of exams.

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